Masterclass 2017

Robeco would like to invite you to join the 8th annual Masterclass. Are you a Master-student or 3rd year Bachelor-student and do you, in any form, have affection for investing? Then this Masterclass might be the perfect opportunity for you!

During this masterclass Robeco’s specialized investment analysts show you how they execute their investment cases. You will make the decision of buying or selling a stock from your portfolio based on fundamental and sustainability research. Does the selected company add value to the portfolio? Does it have growth potential? Just a grasp of the questions asked when we aim to achieve responsible returns for our clients. Small groups of students will prepare and present their investment case.


After the masterclass, participants can meet more Investment Engineers from Robeco accompanied with lunch. Afterwards, we will join the congress ‘After the King’s Speech’, which starts at 2 pm, followed by a network event, where you can meet many prominent companies.

The deadline for application is September 14th at 2pm!


10:00 – 13:00 > Masterclass
Audaxzaal – Theaters Tilburg

13:00 – 14:00 > Lunch

14:00 > Start Symposium ‘Na de Troonrede’
Concertzaal – Theaters Tilburg

A must for everybody with affection for investing!